Friday, 23 March 2012

Friday 23rd March


Today it's FRIDAY, FRIDAY GOTTA GET DOWN ON FRIDAY! I have to say, the song which starts my weekend is, 'Sexy and I know it', awkward moment you're bratty bro 'That' turns around and says when you're singing in the shower to this. 'You ain't sexy babe' maybe less chavy, but still hurts. But I guess singing in the shower isn't that attractive to the outsiders. Inside= Next Beyone. Outside= Next Cheryl Cole (No offence fans, but seriously I HATE those who can't sing. Or mime). Anywhom, not so attractive when you have tilers who need the toilet outside your bathroom knocking, whilst you're screeching 'I'M SEXY AND I KNOW IT!' and then I come out and i'm this short girl and they're expecting the real LMFAO. Awkward....  I could tell by their expressions, they really did looked shocked and amazed. Aha! See ya's for tomorrow!

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