Saturday, 10 March 2012

Saturday 10th March

Today was interesting. As you can see, my photo today is a desired handbag. I have one already but this is a limited edition, I was outbided (If that's even a word?) by £1! Well, it was for 'The Old&Wise One' oh the joy when you have your door shut and she says, 'ADD A TENNER NOW!'. And of course no-one will repeat what she says. But no, the other siblings have headphones in their ears and you have to call them 3 times to get a 'What'. Ring any bells? But today, She and I went out to a porcelain store to buy some new 'Fancy China' for her 'Twilight Night'. When She explained this concept, I got worried at the prospect of 3 drunk ladies downstairs cackling and going 'OOH LA LA' to my favourite film ever. How crude. Then She reassured us 'Kiddies' that she hasn't drunk for years and can't stand the taste. Now double the drunkness. And, when She explained this drunk concept, She demonstrated 'Walking drunk in a china store'. Knocking a display- with a hefty price tag. Then walking off leaving myself with an awkward face, almost crying thinking my mummy had ditched me. Crafty one she is? Framing her child. Well, I didn't tidy my room I guess that's why! Oh well. See ya's for tomorrow, off to watch 'The Best Film Ever!'.

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