Sunday, 4 March 2012

Sunday 4th March


Today was interesting. Joyous Sundays; Lie-ins (Well, I tried to lie in. I don't see how it's possible to lie in till 3pm? Unless you had a night last night.), homework (Hooray! What's funner than World War 1?), trips to the supermarket (Ah yes, with a pile of £300 worth of coupons. Then getting told they're fraudulent and you have to go home with no shopping as the mother was so cockey she just 'forgot' her credit card) and demanding of chocolate cake. When It 'The next Betty Crocker' promises cake, you don't just sit there waiting you just have to ask and 'remind her'. How is anything more important than chocolate cake? Anywho. The awkward moment when you visit the friends house, and their little (Brat of a) brother, casually goes mad with the squirty ketchup and squirts a dollop on your t-shirt. Not cool. Not cool either when their bathroom door doesn't lock properly and he just walks in... He's 3 and has a mind of his own. Genius I bet some are thinking. Oh dear lord others are thinking... See ya's for tomorrow and possibly the new giveaway!

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