Sunday, 25 March 2012

Sunday 25th March


Today was interesting. Spring has sprung it appears! Those clocks, why can't they just be normal? Especially as you google, 'Do clocks automatically go forward on mobiles?' and apparently they do. So, set the alarm for 8am to get ready for 9am. Guess what, never trusting the experts on Yahoo answers ever again. Fluffballs. Anywho, I'd like to be known for being a role model, in style. Actually doing something more important than watching TV all day. Was I high when I said that? I went camping. Dun dun duuun. First time ever, and well it wasn't that bad actually. I might of fallen, flat first, but showing; down a steep hill. Mocked by five year olds. Yay me. Well, they were cuties. I had to give in, but as they grow up I won't. First time i'd ever tried the, 'Country lifestyle' camping. I toasted marshmallows and tasted the best thing ever. Smores. Chocolate biscuits, toasted marshmallows. HEAVEN! I can't believe one child said, 'It's gross' I was thinking hand it here. Then it went straight on the fire. NOOOOOO! Something that delicious deserved a spa day in my big, fat gob. It seriously was that good. See ya's for tomorrow! I'm going to try and toast marshmallows in the oven now.

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