Sunday, 18 March 2012

Sunday 18th March


Today was interesting. You know when you wake up and get the sun blinding you, so you decide 'Hey let's put on a Summery top and shorts' you go outside, and it isn't sunny for long? Gotta love the awkward moment. Turns out my lucky bracelet was actually lucky, hence it being missing. I even thought, 'Hey it's sunny let's hunt the cozzie and go swimming' putting this under my clothes to get ready quicker. I thought maybe not the beach, beaches are so you know. Bland nowadays. You go on holiday for a fantastic beach,  when you've got one at home which you daren't visit. I went to the local pool and realised when I was getting changed that I hadn't packed underwear. The only pair she could find were Hannah Montana, so imagine my embarrassment when I got off the bus at the pool to find my mum waving and calling, 'I've got your pants'! I had no alternative but to wear them after swimming, and my friend saw them under my bright, white shorts :L Awkward... See ya's for tomorrow and see who's won the shoes!

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