Wednesday, 14 March 2012

SOS Blemish Cream Review- Melvita

 I've been trialling Melvita SOS Blemish Cream for two nights now and I have seen results. I left this on the first day just before I went to bed on a group of 3 blemishes. The mixture itself could be mistaken for foundation, as the colour is not quite an orange, but does look like it. The mixture was thin but gloopy and it did tingle on my skin during the night. I woke up and one spot still remained, pesky little critter! I swore I put cream on that spot too... The other two had gone. I  put some more on that one spot and went to sleep. I woke up with that spot still there, after giving my face a wash. I realised the spots haven't vanished. It was a foundation which had blended in with my skin and had made it slightly less red. I think i'll rate this product (Out of 5, 5 being excellent).
  But..!!!! There's still a facial wash to try tonight. Here's hoping! If you're interested in buying Melvita products check out,8,1,1093,37547.htm

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