Sunday, 11 March 2012

Lovely fan mail!

One of our followers Tracy took the time to write a lovely email to me, which made me smile :) (Unlike the others i've received this week).

'Hi Kheira,
Just want to say I am really looking forward to receiving the clutch! I have a lovely dress it will go lovely with! I hope when your run these comps and you do your reviews, you get to to keep the lovely items too!

You are doing a great job with your blog btw and don't worry to much about the email thing!  It is not such a big deal - it is just once companies get a hold of an email account and know it is live, then they can just send spam spam spam!  I doubt anyone on your blog list would do that anyway!

Carry on blogging girl!
Tracy x '

Thank you very much Tracy, probably the highlight of my day today! x

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