Thursday, 1 March 2012

Thursday 1st March


Today was interesting. PINCH PUNCH FIRST DAY OF THE MONTH NO RETURNS! Oh the joy of having alert younger siblings. Half asleep and off to school with a dead arm. Delish. The day of the exam dun dun duun. I love early morning revision, so calm and fresh in your brains. Till you get to the exam and it didn't come up. How TF am I meant to explain how a housefly spreads diseases, 6 reasons why? Er hello, it just flies and spreads. How to explain that and get 6 marks for it. Awkward moment when year 9's say all the right answers in revision and a whole class of year 11's don't have a clue with right answers. I laugh at you... But the test itself was easy ish, except house fly question. I mean 6 minutes on that question. Honestly. I think I may of dropped a few marks there, but in total I think I did quite well. But then, I got home and my mood dropped. Oh fudge it's 11+ results day. Good luck if you did get your place guys, because I do get the odd year 6 following.  And It is in year 6 and they took down the pass rate to 300 (It was 310 when I took mine). I got 306, It got 306 AND SHE PASSED. I think I died. What was even more infuriating was you get me who turns away and rolls my eyes, then I get a lecture because apparently I was doing it right infront of her? I swear 'The Old&Wise One?' just loves causing trouble. See ya's for tomorrow! P.S: not long left for giveaway!

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