Thursday, 8 March 2012

Thursday 8th March


Today was interesting. This week has gone quick! The weekend of homework is fast approaching, how daunting.Today was an experience, I hurt my buttocks in dance by learning ballet stretches for the first time in my life, (I got to about 9 and then started modern). What made it worse was that i'm not a very flexible child, never been able to do cartwheels/handstands ever. So I can stretch, but I can't go far enough! I'm not exactly wide either, which makes it worse! I was late for class today but when I went to walk through a door I saw a cute boy I hadn't seen in school before on the other side.We kept reaching for the handle at the same time then stepping back and I thought it was really romantic. It went on a bit too long so I just opened the door, and to my horror no one was there except my friends falling about laughing and a load of boys in the year above. It was my reflection! Not sure what's worse, looking stupid or thinking your own reflection is a cute boy?! Oh well see ya's for tomorrow! P.S: A lot of fun things planned for next week :)

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