Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Tuesday 13th March


Today was interesting. Ah everyone loves maths, the joy of getting your head mucked up for the day. In other words (If my maths teachers' out there) getting a headache because of the amount of knowledge you've absorbed. Yeah right, learning what we've done already... P.E horah. Realised I need to see some sort of counsellor to give me some confidence tips or i'll get kicked out of dance.  I like dance, but not in P.E. There's no atmosphere so I can't enjoy myself, and perform. If that makes sense? It's like when you're in a dance club out of school, you don't have those 'In crowds' who you know will ruin your reputation. Especially when you drop someone in your lift... Ah yes the encounter from 'The Guy' today. Yes, not so keen on him anymore as he headbutted me. I was looking at the board and he turned his head around and just hurt me like that! How rude. What's ruder is the bus service nowadays. Got there in time for the 37 past of course it didn't come. Waited for the 49 past. Nope. 4 o'clock the time She was getting worried it did come and my ringtone blasted the bus. Then, a lady pressed the button for my stop. I pressed it for my stop. A kid pressed it for my stop. The bus driver pressed the button for 3 stops past my stop. Fuming? Especially how this stop was opposite a pub of drunks. See ya's for tomorrow!

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