Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Tuesday 6th March


Today was interesting. Yay Tuesday, means the week is going so slowly... We moved science sets today and seating plans yay; screaming on the inside. Sitting next to some 'Badass' who reaks of B.O lovely way to 'wake me up'. Also, he fecking bugs me asking me EVERYTHING. I mean yes I really have time to go through, 'How to punctuate a sentence'. Then of course, I have the amazing dance. With a new teacher, and what I love about dance teachers they can fool you into thinking your their favourites. But you're not. Alright dance. Although a boy doing the Beyonce? Awkward. Even more awkward when She decides to be late collecting me from school, the day God decides to create hurricanes. Does God know how long it takes to hairspray hair? And when you get outside, your hair is a mess in two seconds! It doesn't even take that to put spray on! Cheek of it. See ya's for tomorrow and enter my comp :)

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