Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Wednesday 21st March


Today was interesting and before you ask, I think i've lost my camera wire :L So my bestie has this friend we hang around with, and you know when they've known eachother forever and you've just joined in High school it's awkward sometimes. Especially when they play fight, in year 9 opposite year 7's who are waay more mature than us (them). What you never get happen to you is someone saying, 'Excuse me' from outside the gate and said, 'Wanna buy some roll-ups' me being my silly self said, 'Sure what brand are they? Got any discounted Hollister?' someone may of needed the lav then... Then, I was in school and I just got out of English heading straight for Maths. I saw my friend ahead of me and shouted, but she didn't stop. I decided to run after her to catch her up so that we'd definitely be sitting next to each other, but as I ran my leg bucked underneath me and I slid face first across the corridor floor. I swear shoe companies these days, so 'Satisfy-The-Customer'. What bugs me about some people is you say one thing to someone (A boy, note to self never trust a friendly male) and they spread it round and you get a freak who whines at you when you acquaint (Rarely) 'ARE YOU A MODEL?'. So gay, this is a kid who dyed his hair ginger which 'The sun apparently dyed'.  See ya's for tomorrow!

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