Thursday, 15 March 2012

Thursday 15th March


Today was interesting. Don't you love it when you complete all your 'Data Analysis' and hand it in to your teacher and in other words, it's utter crap? Great, wasted a whole week doing that. But her hair, it was decent. Then she got it dyed grey and shorter. Granny-ified much? No wonder she's still single. Looking like that. Anywho, today I took a step into adulthood. I volunteered for a local Girl Guiding unit. It actually felt pretty cool. I was watching the 5-7 year olds called Rainbows; so well behaved! I never knew children could be so polite and quiet. Yes a 9 year old brother doesn't really compare (That). I actually wasn't doing much, just sitting there trying to think of things me and a 5 year old has in common. Turns out they played Club Penguin! I quit it years ago but still, they liked the Pizza Game. I was expecting noisy kids running around manic! These were so well behaved, although I need to learn how to react with them. One of them looked like she was going to puke down my top. 'Noo, you no go there sister'. See ya's for tomorrow!

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