Sunday, 25 March 2012

Crazy for W7!

I'll admit, most of the time I go 'Al Naturale' as it's my roots and She's a bit dodgy when she see's me in make-up. "Don't wear any, you'll get to my age and regret it!" True. I do make exceptions for make-up. As you can see, I have some very lush, red, matte lips today- courtesy of the brand W7. I think this'll go smashingly (Not literally) when I wear my Nautical outfit. The colour is very rich, red. It kinda does remind you of a Militant jacket. Very strong and bold. The only downside was getting it off my pout, it took a while to come off. As you can see in my crap photo, I have also applied their  'Big Lash' mascara, I was drawn to this by it's funky (I still use that word, kay?) packaging. . I rarely do mascara as I have dark colouring anyway, so what I apply on my lashes doesn't always come out, especially if it's a cheapie brand. W7 proved me wrong and came through! It also came out well on a tissue, P.S don't use a scented tissue. I totally recommend W7 products and there's more from W7 to come. I'm rating them 4 and a half stars, due to the toughness, getting out. But, who wants more? If you do W7 is available from most beauty stores. Purchase some W7 bargains below!
Including the mascara used at 49p!

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