Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Wednesday 28th March


Today was interesting, half way through the week. Two days till lie ins, shopping and not much else. Nope, got castings and photoshoots. Hooray. (Laughing on the inside). Don't you love it when parents are on a diet? They say, 'Let's have fish, salad and a few chips for dinner'. So I put in the oven fish, a few chips. Then, it's served and I get a whole, 'I asked for chips', 'No you asked for a few chips' then we have a row about how much is a few chips. In my case, a few chips is a handful roughly (I used a spatula!). I serve dinner and all the chaos for the few chips, no-one even touched my salad. She even drove to the chip shop! Talk about rude, my cooking isn't THAT bad. Then, She wants ferrero rocher's. So I throw one to her like she asked, and I throw it in her eye. Best dinner ever, :L See ya;s for tomorrow. 3 Days till the big day.

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