Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Wednesday 14th March


Today was interesting. I was in science and my worst enemy was sat right behind me and he started to poke at my bum. I had a skirt on and I kind of told myself he was flirting with me- gross and a tad sudden but I got annoyed so I just wriggled in and ignored. His friends were all laughing and I was going red, but there wasn't anything I could do to stop it, I didn't want to turn around (Who would?). After the lesson I hurried out, and it wasn't until then that my friend told me that my zip had been undone and you could see a lot of my bum! I bet there's a lot of rumours that'll be spreading now... Also at lunchtime I was eating my lunch, as usual in the canteen. I scraped off my crumbs and wrapper and put it in the bin. As per usual because i'm not a fat, lazy git who just leaves their rubbish. Then this teacher (Who's been complained about for being racist) said I hadn't put away all my rubbish. I looked down to find an ickle crumb on the floor. She was all, 'TAKE THE BIN AND GO AROUND PICKING UP RUBBISH!'. You what? I swear she never actually cleans anything herself. There's always kids going around doing it. What made me laugh was the table next to ours was covered in unclaimed mess. I said to her, "My Dad's a policeman, he doesn't like his children getting germs." That was random but I was going to get covered in germs and possibly catch diseases and be sick off school... OOOH! Nice idea. Technically, my Dad is a policeman but my parents are separated. Still, she still made me do the work. She even laughed when I did it... See ya's for tomorrow when I help the community! 

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