Friday, 30 March 2012

Friday 30th March


Today was interesting! Yay non-uniform day, the nightmare for a fashionista. The boys are just clones, chino's and logo tees/polo's. Fair enough, their boys. According to Legally Blonde straight guys don't know big name designers... I don't mind chino's, but they do look a bit silly when you see seeing white, grandad style ones- pulled down to see big red boxers. A lovely view, what makes me laugh is when boys do it as a turn on to the teachers, ANY teachers. 'Pull your trousers up' the teacher repeats 5 times. Seriously, showing off to an OAP. Wahey. Then you get the girls. You either get girls who actually have a personality or those that clone the boys- by wearing anything with a logo on. How bland? You can see Ralph is doing good business, for their tacky, cheap t-shirts. You get the boys like badda's. Haha. Awkward moment you spill a carbonate onto a 'snapback' which doesn't really snap back. Some girls actually dress nice, or dress like they've been dressed by their mummy. Bless 'em. Awkward moment, this person who is probably the most hated girl in our year follows us... We have style that isn't going to get cramped soon. Anywho, enjoy Easter and if you're a clone go and experiment. See ya's for tomorrow!

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