Thursday, 22 March 2012

Thursday 22nd March


Today was interesting, oh jesus I look chunky in this pic.I was at home, waiting for a lift to my volunteering work at the church when the doorbell rang. 'That'll be your lift', and I was so excited that I ran out the door straightaway, shutting it behind me. As I turned round, I realised it wasn't my group leader - it was the window cleaner, chasing up about his payment. Even worse, I'd locked myself out and DIDN'T HAVE A KEY! I just stood there, wondering what to do before eventually saying, 'Ha, ha - I locked myself out, I'll go and get my dad,' and ran round to the back door, hiding. I actually ran to Guides. Today, we were making origami boats and I had remembered one girls name, so helpful. I'm going camping with them this weekend, and girls whatever age do enjoy their chocolate! Especially with toasted marshmallow, ooh yeah. Awkward moment you say 'Ooh Yeah' and it sounds like you're having an erection. What bugged me about this week was, i'm still new but some 5 year olds were whispering behind my back. And they look so guilty; they'll get on well in life. I stayed for the older ones 'Brownies' awkward moment you call them all chocolate brownies and they're not that young. The little brothers age actually, 'Are you his sister' yes, awkward moment That has been chatting up all the girls in his class... See ya's for tomorrow!

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