Monday, 19 March 2012

Monday 19th March


Today was interesting. Ah yes the familiar '10 minute panic' in the morning. Gotta love it. You know when you feel like you look like crap, and you get to school and you're form tutor's like "Go to bed earlier". Er hello? I go to bed at 8am, and I cannot get to sleep till whenever. Got a problem? I never get the point of form time we just sit there and talk and we're just there to get signed in. What's the point? Anywho, It was break, and I was waiting outside the toilet for my best friend to come out. I wanted to make her jump because she says she's never scared, so I put my face against the door, closed my eyes and when I heard the lock click I shouted "BOO!" When I opened my eyes this Year 7 boy came out giving me a stare and ran off crying and everyone was laughing. I thought they were howling at my head mistress' hideous taste in clothes, standing in front of me, red in the face. What an attractive look, granny with added red. She's in love or either going to kill me mad.  It was the wrong door... Oopsies. See ya's for tomorrow!

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