Sunday, 18 March 2012

Melvita Cleanser Review!

Cleansing My review for the cleanser! I tried the facial wash in the wrong order, but this cleanser made my skin feel much smoother. It had taken the redness off my skin for day one then I woke  up and a few had reduced in size the next day! This certified organic Foaming Gel combines the regenerating, purifying properties of zinc lactate and lavender with the powerful purifying qualities of tea tree to clean the skin deep down, while birch sap and witch hazel moisturise and soften the skin. What I love about the product is usually when you rinse your skin, it feels like you wash away the product. But with Melvita cleanser you could feel a mask shape working in your sleep. It works wonders compared to the big brands like Clearasil, which are not natural and i've been to school with red all over! I'd rate this product:

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