Saturday, 24 March 2012

Saturday 24th March


Today I wore my 'Goddess' t-shirt, and I didn't feel like a Goddess when doing Zumba, shaking my hips with a wii remote strap flapping around that area. Or when I was hanging around a small, dinghy church and this old guy said, 'Fancy the disco tonight? Get on down to the best music in the last 90 years!' I think i'd be 'grooving' till the latest. What a thing to say to someone? Lmao. I'm totally going to go now and rave to Dame Vera Lynne (If that's her name?) do my street dancing to the Dame, oh yes! This camera thing is bugging me so much now, if some genius could create a locator where it has a directory of products; then if locates the nearest i'd be SOOO grateful. Infact, wouldn't everyone? If the next Steve Jobs is out there, quote me when you're promoting your new, 'Can't-Be-Bothered-To-Look-Locator' or i'll just hire someone to grace my messy room for my camera. Anywho, I've done a whole 'Blitz' of my revision but I still think I could talk about the 'Earth's Early Atmosphere' in a test on 'War and peace'. Off I go to rave, or to tune in to BGT with my big, bowl of jelly . Tomorrow, if my camera decides to talk like a disney film i'll be showing my first attempts of 'Kheira 'Make up Artist'. Or i'll just try a webcam. See ya's for tomorrow! Next week- The results day.

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