Thursday, 29 March 2012

Thursday 29th March


Today was interesting. No it actually was, got some lush Easter eggs in form. Yummy. Today it felt like the last day, even in the canteen they were having an Easter lunch and raffle. It's not like we have a half day or anything tomorrow! Damn those exams going on. What I love about Rainbows is, I was 'The Easter Bunny' the other volunteer just put piles around, but I was sneakily putting them in secret places. I took my job so seriously, but they're 5 years olds, they can figure things out! I also failed in Majorettes to the Brownies, I had 7 year olds doing it better than I did. Thinking you're the bees knees, you even try to throw it up in the air. Yep, let's just say pancake day was still in the air, and the glittery baton wasn't full of glitter anymore. I decided to go for a lush, lime t-shirt today. I loove lime, not ugly lime but pretty lime. It means Summer is here, and reminds me that I need to get out and tan. The joys of your favourite clothing. If you're a right copy-cat and you're updating your FB status as, 'IDEAS OF WHAT TO WEAR FOR TOMORROW' and you constantly ask that to someone; My advice is to 'BE ORIGINAL'. It bugs me. It wouldn't happen in Paris or here. Think, what do you want to wear. How do YOU want to come across? Showcase YOUR personality, not some freak on FB. See ya's for tomorrow, and I shall be in tangerine.

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