Saturday, 17 March 2012

Saturday 17th March


Today was interesting! Why do postmen have to come at god knows what time in the morning? It's like whenever you're not in during the week they deliver and you have to go and collect, but when you're it's always on the weekends at what 6am? Today She was very aggy, literally a ticking time bomb ready to go off any moment. Meanwhile, I was cooking pancakes (Why not!) and decided to show off my fabulous cooking skills for my on watching family, sat at the table. By flipping this pancake as high as it could. Somehow, the pancake burst into flames and I went into panic mode. Without thinking I just flung it towards the dinner table, on top of my mother's head. Luckily, the flames had come out and she was okay. Well not literally okay, let's just say mother's day tomorrow will be eventful... See ya's!

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