Monday, 26 March 2012

Monday 26th March


Today was interesting. What's worse than the '10-Minute-Panic'? The '10-Minute-Panic' when the clocks go forward. Losing an hour of sleep, it's really getting to us all. Just an hour and everything's all pear-shaped. Today was a nightmare. English test, wahoo. I love English, I have a 'Gift' i'm so gifted I was invited to book club. Not gifted in drama or dance, they get to go and see musicals. Speaking of drama, I find out my fate this weekend. If i'm in the best stage school in the UK as She says, no pressure. But, during this test I stretched my arm and cracked a knuckle. Pretty normal right? Then I get to the canteen at lunch and apparently i'd passed wind, said by someone who i'd never met before, and who wasn't even in my English class? WTF I though. She started making symbols, and I said 'I had to stretch and crack my knuckle?'. Then she turned around and said, 'I didn't know arms could fart'. You're probably laughing you're heads off, but I used to get mocked before. It isn't pleasant. So we went outside and turned out that she's the rudest kid in school, and she's just about done it to everyone. Mainly because her time of the month, is all through the month. Haha. Bitch. Yes I swore. But as a store said, 'People only talk behind you, because you're infront of them.' Today I chilled in hello kitty, and treated myself to a 99 Flake. Which bizarrely is never 99p. Tip, when you're mum is coughing say. 'Oh look an ice cream van! I fancy a 99 now!' she actually pulled over! Lmao. See ya's for tomorrow.

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