Monday, 12 March 2012

Monday 12th March


Today was interesting, oh the joy of falling asleep to 'Breaking Dawn: Part 1'. Best film ever. Surprisingly, I actually woke up with enough time to do my hair and attempt a 'Hair Masterpiece' which ended up a plain, ponytail. What I love about when I wash my own hair, is it's greasy by the time I get home from school. When I persuade the mother however- it lasts a week (Almost!). The camera hasn't been working today, I was going to show my new bits but oh well! Speaking of strange encounters. I was seated next to a spiffingly, dashing young fellow today in a lesson, (No I won't reveal which, some of you 'friends' could spread it and i'll have rumours about me fancying some freak soon. The joy of finding out things you don't know about yourself.) Back to the young lad. Say above average. And usually when they're above average, they are quite frankly twats. This one however is in 'The cool crew that smokes and stuff', but the way he acted. So gentlemenly! If that's even a word. Getting textbooks, hanging my bag up, smiling. Much better than the twat I had before. Bugging me all the time, copying my work. When I got a question wrong, 'MAM SHE GOT THAT WRONG'. Much nicer presence. Oh the joy of chairs which make rude sounds... Ruined the day those chairs. I couldn't stop smiling afterwards. Oh dear. See ya's for tomorrow. Tomorrow when i'm sat next to 'Him' again...

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