Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Tuesday 2nd October

Today was interesting. That awkward moment in dance when you're the worst one there and you're picked on... Specially during step leaps, which are hard to make look graceful. When you're about to fall flat on your face.. Oh well, October at last! Not very exciting as it gets cold. But... HALLOWEEN IS ABOUT! Yes, i'm so immature. Well you'd be too, Halloween is the one time of year it's okay to practically rob your neighbours of free sweets. Now knowing you've got new neighbours, who bake delicious cakes and leave them for trick or treaters... Only thing is what to wear. Usually I just throw on my pyjama's or a cheap witch costume (My normal clothes, JK!). Halloween means hot chocolate all round. Including this little scenario which happened today. My mum took me into town and bought me a hot chocolate. It was quite hot so I didn't drink all of it and as it was in a takeaway cup I put it in the side of my bag. I needed the loo so I went and left my mum in the cafe to finish hers.  When I was done on the loo, I swung my bag over my shoulder and all the drink went down my trousers. I tried rubbing it off the best I could and went back. My mum took one look at me and said really loudly, 'Didn't you make it to the loo in time?' Everyone turned to have a look, it was mega embarrassing. So while it looked like I'd well, you know. It was burning my legs off! So when I walked outside into the coldness, I saw everyone freezing and I was all, 'Oh yeah suckers. I wet myself, but it's warm. Oh yeah!' As you do when you are such a mature year 10. Ish. Four weeks till the exams, so revise, revise and if you're not revising, REVISE! Welcome to exam periods. 

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