Sunday, 13 May 2012

Sunday 13th May

Today was interesting. Yay perfect Internet connection today! I'm alive, my Internet wasn't. Course it came back on when I had homework to do. No excuse there. Have been revising like crazy. You gotta love it when you sit down and healthily, bite into Chemistry and your Mum shouts, 'HONEY WHAT DO YOU WANT FOR DINNER?' and the little sister turns up the cheese she watches. Then the ickle brother starts playing his wrestling games, forcing the volume up high. Of course 'The Old&Wise One?' had to have the day off today meaning she was going to go and 'lose weight' by raving infront of the telly. I swear they only do that when they're off. Some celebratory thing adults do to 'lose weight' rather funny when they make strawberries and cream afterwards for everyone. More cream than strawberries, obvs. I can judge, i've been going to the gym for 3 weeks now! That's my excuse when there's something sweet in the fridge. Had stawberries and cream AND a bowl of cream. Some are probably thinking, 'Is she mad?' well, when i've got an exam next week I need the energy. It motivates me. LOL. Not really, that's just what I say to adults. Really, i've been craving it all week and I go and pig out infront of weekend TV, which is actually shocking. Do we really want reality shows on all week begging for money? Eh. Answer for yourself. I spend the nights on Anytime. Movies in the morning &evening = heaven. Specially Dodgeball, such a classic. See ya's for tomorrow! My posts this week may be short, late etc. It's my exam on THURSDAY, so yeah don't be complaining if I get round to writing a line at midnight. BYEE! X

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