Monday, 11 June 2012

Why don't you start volunteering today? (Well not literally today).

As you've read, I do sacrifice two hours a week helping out at Rainbows. Rainbows are girls aged from 5-7 years old and trust me they are lovely! No answering back, only a limited vocabularly. Just lovely. All I do is clean up, supervise and serve biscuits but if I wasn't there, I wouldn't be contributing to making sure as many girls can enjoy the fun of guiding. I think as a teenager you should spare an hour of your week, getting off Facebook would do you the world of good. Now would be a good time to arrange some slots for the Summer, if you're not going on holiday or if you are and you can still fit in an hour. You're probably thinking, 'Why volunteer?' 'Isn't volunteering boring?'. If you've watched 'So random' like I did the other day (That left it on!) you'll see it wasn't well shown.
Why volunteer?

  • Volunteering is a great boast to your work experience. If you're 13 and have emailed every single business looking for Saturday work (Who hasn't?) you'll know there's nothing out there. Many businesses have actually said they're more inclined to hire someone who has helped the community. In the process you develop you're- communication skills, teamwork skills and organisation skills. There's also good references to be had, these may give you the edge in future life when competing for a job. The way the economy's going, you may need it. 
  • Volunteering provides experiences you may not have realised. Such as first aid (Good for being a teacher/nurse), events management. You also get to attend a lot of fun event; raising money for the cause.
  • It's scientifically proven that volunteering two hours a week does wonders for your emotional and physical health. 
  • Mum's will be very happy and proud of their little girl/boy.
  • I do it and it's fun!
So, where to start. Google some of these organisations to get you started.

  • The Summer reading challenge.
  • Girl Guiding UK
  • (Click find a shelter. If you're not keen on cats you can volunteer for events).
  • Vinspired (Lots of awards to be granted!).
I've highlighted Vinspired as there's a special award which rewards you for your time with an excellent qualification for your CV.

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