Monday, 2 January 2012

Monday 2nd January


Today was interesting. I almost lost it with Mymaths as it wouldn't mark my work. Oh well. Tomorrow at school we have an event called 'Preparing for success day' which we go into school for 10 MINUTES and talk about how to improve in school. A waste of time I think, specially as they do it in alphabetical order so B surenames have to be at school for 8:30! Then Z's will be at 3pm. Complete waste of time you agree? Last night I went to a sleepover,  It was five in the morning and I was woken up by two of my friends who were being really hyper, and giving me a migraine! They told be a rather rude joke and I laughed so hard I wet the bed a little bit. I was hoping they wouldn't notice, but when I moved they felt the wet patch and screamed! Instead of taking the blame I blamed it on the girl who had had to go home earlier because she wasn't feeling well. Now I'm a bit anxious for school on Wednesday. Like my ballerina top today, it's kinda with the fairytale trend. Slightly. See ya's for tomorrow and don't forget to follow!

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