Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Wednesday 11th January

Wednesday! (Day before parents evening)

Today was interesting. I had the pleasure of watching the film, 'Billy Elliot' whilst having my shoe tapped and being asked to move forward. Er hello if I move anymore forward i'll be against the wall with no way to see the film, and receiving a ginormous migraine for the rest of the day ('Way hay!'). I also had the time of my life memorizing all my facts for my speaking and listening assessment to then get infront of the class mumble, 'I would put Louie Spence in the museum' mumbled my facts get on to my item of the 21st century and bomb, I blow it. All that memorizing for my mind to go blank and my emotional side gets the better of me. Crying infront of the class :L Crying for a higher grade most likely. I can't help it, i'm a teenager I cry when I cry! Guess what came today? MY FABULOUS NEW BAG! Has anyone got that mum who decides to complain the minute you buy something (Which you never treat yourself too) and she's all 'That's too expensive, not very practical is it?' yet she just ordered an iPhone 4s (Advertising for the company, I demand a free one!). Some people do make you laugh. Anyone seeing One direction tonight? If so shout out, 'JENNA WATERMAN, KHEIRA SAYS HI!'. That's all for now, see my bag laterz. See ya's!

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