Friday, 27 January 2012

Friday 27th January


Today was interesting. It's Friday, Friday gotta get down on Friday! Gee not getting the Friday fever tonight. I had the joy of a Scope lesson today, (Scope is like PSHE). Scope is actually a waste of a lesson, I mean all you learn is stuff you already know and learn in other lessons; Personal hygiene (Science), healthy eating (Cooking/Science), Sex (Science). What's the point in it? You must also take into account the amount of times our assemblies are about the not so joy of paedophiles (Who are probably perving at my pics, hey there!) I needed the lavatory so I asked my teacher. She's okay but she gives out detentions often (All the time). I went to the lavatory, and I had to do #2, so it took a little longer than #1. I also had to wait, because both the stalls were taken by some tarts shoving all that slap on. I get back 8-9 min. later, and my teacher yells in front of the class "You're finally back!" so that the whole class is staring at me and my crush was right next to the door, so she was really close. Then she goes "You're in big trouble, that better have been a #2 or you've got a detention" so Ihave to go "ummmm yeah it was #2" then she goes "I can't hear you!" I almost died. So I basically have to yell "Yes I went #2!" everyone was having #1's all day. See ya's for tomorrow!

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