Sunday, 8 January 2012

Sunday 8th January


Today was interesting, I finally got my handbag ordered! After about 20 hours of refreshing a website page! Yes, I am sad sometimes, but people would do the same with concert tickets, albums etc. But today I did shriek and dance when they were paied for. Shrieking a tad too loud... She even said, 'I wonder how she'll react when the bag actually comes'. My nightmare would be if it came and it was, ugly. After they were ordered, I COULD ACTUALLY LIVE MY LIFE! So I baked some cookies for my Nanny who came round. Nanny however happened to chip her tooth when she said, 'Lovely top'. Oops, may of added a bit too much sugar or whatever. Today, I wore my vintage style top with leggings and a hooded jacket. Is it normal for the heating to be on full, and you're just sat there tucking in anything to try and feel warmer! Oh well, no wonder the high electricity bills are always complained about in the news! See ya's for tomorrow and keep following, 100 followers for that gorgeous clutch to be posted to one lucky winner!

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