Thursday, 5 January 2012

Thursday 5th December


Today was eurgh, Thursday. Thursday's that day your body just collapses. Of course when you have P.E first lesson and you cannot find that stupid polo top and you have practically searched everywhere you get a tad moody. Adding to this, your grumpy git of a family member doesn't want to get up and gets into an 'ump because you pulled the covers off him. He's 9 and shouted 'FUDGE'. She is a teacher so she orders teaching books and things quite often for her classes, I asked her to order me a novel of what we are studying for GCSE, it came and I was rushing this morning so I just shoved the parcel in my schoolbag (No intention of even checking it was addressed properly). We were in English and I opened up the parcel. To my astonishment it just happened to be a soft porno. I remembered my name wasn't Steve and covered it quickly. Eurgh. See ya's for tomorrow!

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