Thursday, 26 January 2012

Thursday 26th January


Today was interesting. Thursday is so Thursday, nothing interesting happens you get bummed out and your friend walks off with another person! Not cool standing outside a classroom alone. Then you give her the silent treatment, you quit and say, 'Yeah I did round them up' and then you think it's ruined but you carry on being silent. Then halfway through the lesson she walks off and talks to that girl again! Not cool. Good job she doesn't have Facebook, time to slag off.. I love art and all but all the teachers have to come over and watch me paint every little brush stroke. Give the girl some space? I was walking down the corridor at school with my best friend to hand in a school trip slip, and we saw some hawt lads and the hottest boy in the school. I was feeling brave so I went over there and started talking to them. I was acting very cool and 'ard. They all started sniggering and I had no clue as to why, my face dyed red and I ran away (Like a gangsta innit) When I got back to my friend it turned out I had a massive bogey on my nose! I ran to the loos and burst into tears. My one chance at being a tough guy failed :( Oh well my peeps, they lost out i'm an amazing gangsta! See ya's for tomorrow!
P.S: Already secured a modelling job after losing yesterdays! Thank lord for Facebook!

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