Monday, 23 January 2012

Monday 23rd January


Today was interesting. Monday blues. It's actually so hard not to yawn, especially when you have the beady eye of a teacher eyeing you. Science was amusing, the joy of smoking. Well not really joyful as you die. If any of my readers are smokers, gtfo. The canteen is that playground. Everyones secretly staring at eachother. As She me a long lecture just because I said no to her delicious (Bleurgh) fry-up She gave me a long lecture saying, 'You're not eating properly, i'm a concerned parent. You'll be anorexic soon and dying'. I went in to buy a flapjack, I come out and everyones fussing, 'Ooh what's she got' and all turning their heads. Nosey dicks. Yeah I just had my lunch (Belvita's) I go for dessert and it's a problem. Then when people watch you eat, oh lord. You would think they're a bunch of tramps or something. Fake people tend to have fake handbags (Take notice). It's like you're not getting any of their delicious food you just look like a scavenger, not a good look. I had cooking today making a curry. You know when you add something and it spits on top of your apron? It's a monster! With an attitude, jeez. Then it burns your food, and you're buggered. At Art club it was rather interesting, got white paint down my black jumper. Fabulous. Can't wait for tomorrow! See ya's!

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