Saturday, 7 January 2012

Saturday 7th December


Today was interesting. Who literally is sad enough to get up at 6am  and stay on a laptop all day stalking a handbag website just to get one of the bags which sell out in 10 seconds? ME. And I'm not proud of it, more fed up of refreshing a page every 2 minutes. She, has started doing tutoring to her students at college who really don't understand. So she was tutoring at the dining room table while I was in the lounge stalking a website. She asked us 'kids' not to disturb her 'tutoring' so when she called 'Kheira, can you get me a...' she meant to say drink but when she called my name, I shrieked jumped up and did a little dance. Everyone would of thought I had bought my bags, but I didn't. The company just tweeted that she was finished with the new product line. I got into a frenzy, running saying 'YES, YES! YEAH BABY!'. Worst of all, even though the poor, pupil was chinese she kinda got my over the top, buzz and clapped her hands thinking I was doing a performance and this was an act. Far from it, and yes I still am trying to get the bags! See ya;s!

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