Saturday, 14 January 2012

Saturday 14th January


Today was interesting, yay it's finally the weekend that means chilling, relaxing, doing what we want, then we have to go to a tile shop (Next to KFC... nah She didn't offer!). Tile shops are fun to hang in, just casually fingering all the tiles (You gross people!) as you do. You get the bumpy, rough ones and then the smooth ones.  There's always that cockney geezer who seems to shout to She and can be heard from the bike shop next door. But, when you prance around the store you find dodgy, there was a guy there with a stare, a gnarly, scary stare. When you are a bored teenager with younger siblings, you do have shuffling (Everyday i'm shuffling.) contests, of course you get really into it, and scary stare guy walks past with that stare, that stare you back off and go to hang with your mummy. The moment of the day was when the 8 year old budding bargain hunter, he shouted 'Mum look at these 50p tiles! That'll be enough for a new bike!' Bless him. She was actually looking at marble expensive tiles at this point, thinking oh lord. See ya's for tomorrow!

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