Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Tuesday 31st January


Today was interesting. Ever had to watch the joy of tapeworms? These worms that live in your body, what a gross video to watch on a Tuesday morning don't you agree? A man casually taking a dump in his bathroom and looking through it, charming. Then I had the joy of dance class. Everyone loves dance class, just not the people and atmosphere in it. Everyone's so, 'I'm like amazing' and shiz.Like I was apparently in the second row than the first, I couldn't argue with this girl, so I just did it. Awkward... But have you ever done floorwork and had the unpleasantness of a big, backside in your face? Delicious; specially when you realise you made your family sweet and sour chicken last night, and your whole class got that idea too. Oopsies.  English was a breeze as it always is. I am pretty serious mostly all the time, but when a sad thing happens I can't help but laugh. I love Romeo and Juliet, but the end kills me with laughter. Also, add to the fact beforehand our OCD teacher detests green things, and threw green jelly around the classroom. This week i've been feeling so cooking, just in the mood to cook so I made sweet and sour chicken yesterday, vegetable curry today I'm going to be the next Nigella! Maybe less fattening foods, and less of the sexual side. See ya's for tomorrow!

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