Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Tuesday 10th January


Today was interesting. Right now I am sat easting (Not really) whilst She has just shown me numerous chest of drawers that i'm meant to like? She used to work as an interior designer (She did up Anne Robinson's house) so when I say to her 'I want white, glamourous furniture' she shows me plain, boring, dull white furniture that I think could rival an old lady's bedroom, and possibly win. She gets annoyed, I show her my choice (Very vintage, like the furniture in the only way is essex, the furniture in the show always looks better than the make-up) and she basically says it's too 'Elaborate' for my room. Elaborate means she doesn't want to pay for it. School was pretty boring, I got sat next to some girl in maths who blabbed on about her life story, 'I'm so fat, i'm so conscious of my weight' and that's why you come into school in the tightest clothes ever? The awkward moment someone brings in a bag (In this case cath kidston) which no-one has anymore. Saved up possibly? See ya's for tomorrow!

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