Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Wednesday 25th November


Today was interesting. If I had to choose a worst day ever, today would be near the top near the day I wet myself in school, I was in reception! First off, I am not the face of Colour Couture Cosmetics. I didn't win and Maria Gardner won, who I strongly believed she would win from the start. Fair enough for her. Means I have to go and buy professional photo's for next time, not sloppy ones done on an iPhone. Not really an amateur contest then clearly. I get home and my bag had arrived from Claireabella bags, I am freely advertising for them because they deserve it.  Let's just say the bag I had waited months for, all excited about shouldn't really of come. It was so similar to my Classics one it was unreal (I will post pics in a bit my phone's charging). I wanted a glamorous dress. I get the Classics one just longer. Did they glitter is so much to cover up that the design wasn't worth it? And to start of the day I was rather happy. Come home to that pile of rubbish. Not worth my pocket money for 3 months at all. Or waiting 6 months for it. You see the celebrities bags, the bees knees. Then you order yours which is the same as the classic when it should be an 'Original'. This is why I need celebrity friends. That's my day today peoples. I'm now in the mood where chocolate doesn't work, which says a lot. But as I was in the school canteen eating my lunch with my friends when my best friend dived on my lap and stayed there. I asked her what she was doing but she refused to tell me. A moment later, she let out the most massive, stinkiest fart and shouted my name as she did so! There must have been 300 people in there who all turned and looked. I nearly died. That school should fix their meals.

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