Monday, 9 January 2012

Monday 9th January


Today was interesting. Monday morning blues for most, while I was sat excitedly counting down the days till my bag arrives, (I have nothing better to do!). And getting in to a modelling contest! Throughout all this excitement I manage to get sat on my own in D&T, not cool. I had to do a speaking and listening assessment today, right after lunchtime. Canteen food. Densely packed with all the nutrients you need for school, compact with teeny tiny chopped vegetables, clustering your pasta sauce. If you rush your pasta you come into lesson looking like you dunked your head in that pasta sauce. No wonder 'The populars' thought my presentation about apple products was hilarious. At the end of my presentation, my pasta decided to back fire on me and I did a good impression of Will from the inbetweeners, I kinda croaked 'Any questions' and (well not sprinted) the equivalent to sprinting, walking style. My bladder reacts differently to others... see ya's for tomorrow!

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