Sunday, 15 January 2012

Sunday 15th January


Today was interesting, well not really it's Sunday. I decided to wear this stunning top today, as it should be worn and loved :) We had the gran round for lunch today, oh dear. Firstly a cold had attacked my system so I had a packet of tissues stuck to me all day (Literally) apparently it's good to shove some snotty tissue up your sleeve? She had cooked a roast dinner with all the trimmings (Dibs on the stuffing, all of it!) I was sat opposite my dear Grandma, who was indeed very picky on the veg she wanted so we were all eating and she was sat still deciding what to have. It thought it was clever to do his comic impression and everyone thought it was hilarious including myself. So as I laughed a portion of greens just happened to appear on Grandma's plate... Apparently they tasted good with the lamb. Oh well. See ya's for tomorrow! (Who's getting that sunday night feeling already!).

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