Sunday, 22 January 2012

Sunday 22nd January


Today was interesting.Sunday the worst day of the week and I am currently getting that 'Sunday night feeling'. Today I had to go to the supermarket, eurgh. People bug me, they just walk right in your way sometimes, and they can see you're going straight? And when She has sprained her wrist, you have to try and lift the dog food oh (Insert swear/bad word here)! But, I selected two menu's from the Change4Life scheme, and they look rather tasty. #MeInTheKitchenWhatASight. What is also very hard not to be angrified at is when you're sat down at your desk, in room. Ready to complete your homework. The minute you open a word document, 'Kheira' what? 'Can you run a bath please?'. As a parent is hard to say, 'Can't you see i'm busy learning and gaining an education. You want me to fail my exams, fine then.' so you do it. After you get bathed, you realised you've wasted an hour or so which would of completed your work. Sit down, typed in your title. 'Kheira!' yes what is so worthwhile to distract me from my learning? 'Can you get my dressing gown for me?' I was never happy with textiles, always didn't cut fabric as straight as I should of. (Jokes). So I get the dressing gown while saying, 'You should be forced to do the naked walk'. As an organised person like myself never does... 30 an hour sugar. Research some statistics. 'DINNER!' Oh for (Swear word insert). What's worse is I say beforehand, 'I'm doing an essay don't disturb me'. Grr. See ya's for tomorrow!

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