Monday, 16 January 2012

Monday 16th January


Today was interesting. I've actually been quite naughty recently and been wearing the same outfits, but my mum said she'll buy me some bits when she gets paid! (Any companies email me btw). Monday, eurgh. What bugs me about Monday (and mostly every morning) is that everyone moans, 'I'm too tired'. Well you're not exactly going to be bright and early going to school are you and I guarantee that is the start of the most boring conversation of the whole week! Most of the time these are from people who go to bed god knows when and think they'll be wide awake the next day, mainly boys on their xbox's who think it's cool to shoot virtual people. Ooh shooting virtual people, get you. But it's better than shooting real people, or is it encouraging that? Seriously they let 9 year old's get hold of these, play them enjoy them, then grow up living in prison everyday. Whatta numpty. Like my, 'See ya wouldn't wanna be ya' top, well I do too. Kinda why i'm wearing it. As I have my amazing new bag, it is rather fragile. I.E. If anyone thinks it's clever to shove me against a wall, or spill some milkshake over it. I may just freak out, just a tad as you do. Some person thought it was clever to spill a drop of water onto my bag. It isn't waterproof so I started crying and demanding money to get a new one. They paid :) Joking they didn't pay £40 on a school day, but they gave me a chocolate bar. Result. See ya's for tomorrow!

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