Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Tuesday 24th January


Today was interesting. I'm hyper today and the magical news is, I just had my first photoshoot for the local newspaper! Apparently I take good direction! I'm going to be in there due to my achievements in the Colour Couture Cosmetics covergirl contest, the winner of the contest will be announced tomorrow at noon (*Fingers crossed*) but even if I don't win I can walk around school saying, 'I'm in the paper na nicky na naa'. So tomorrow I may be exploding with happiness if ya know I do win. The photographer was really nice and said she'd email me pictures for my portfolio. But, a little incident happened... I happened to sneeze a bit and it went all down my school polo shirt :L Lucky the colour of the polo is green! The camera lense isn't green though... Funnily enough the photographer stopped saying, 'Perfect' after that. Have you ever dropped someone? Well, we were lifting in dance and I may of lost my balance just a tad and dropped my bestie! I wish her the very 'best'. The news will be in tomorrow if I win or not. :/ Also today, I was introduced coldy to Pi. A posisonous pie. What is the point in learning about pi, it's not like we're going to measure circles in our lives. Unless you're a tight wod when it comes to buying pizza. See ya;s for tomorrow!

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