Friday, 6 January 2012

Friday 6th December


Today was interesting, it's friday gotta get down on Friday! Thank fish it's friday. So today I realised how us girls when we are in school trousers (With belts on) we look like we have boners... And it's so annoying, you just sit there and you get really tempted to push it down and you get a buzz thinking everyone will see you. Btw, getting ditched by your friend you practically tutored for a test is not the one. As I walked home from school today, I walked through a popular road (Due to the sweet shops, obesity is rising) and I stopped outside the supermarket to look for She's car. I stood waiting checking Facebook to see which wannabe got dumped (Aha!) and who's started posing in a bra. And I saw a 'woman' with a very boyish frame; And no taste in anything decent. They came up and mumbled, 'You got the time, love?' No wonder the person had no taste in clothes, it happened to be my maths teacher... Oops. See ya's for tomorrow!

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