Friday, 20 January 2012

Friday 20th January


Today was interesting. I've never felt as sick as I did today, you know when your throat is blocked and you have a sicky feeling in your mouth? Kinda like that all day plus a migraine. Yippee. I even went to the toilet in lesson dun dun duun. What is the point in taking your name when you go to the toilet? It's not like your going to get told off for needing to go are you? Bit pathetic really. When I was walking to the canteen this little midget (Year 7 or year 8 I can't tell!) a little give it, he saw perfectly that there was no room infront of me to move any further. So he shouted, 'MOVE UP' and kicked me! Little brat. So I turned around and said to him, 'I can't move anymore can I? Unless you want me to walk on top of everyone. Also don't push it, I can vomit on you if I want'. He said, 'Sorry, gee she's aggy' and tried to tap me. Funnily enough when we were near the canteen he followed us there, and he was holding up the line.  Cheek of it. I swear if he's watching (Dude in orange jacket) be warned.And to rue the day, I also didn't get in to the dance troupe, if you feel like yelling at someone phone (01702) 292286 and ask for Miss Oddy. Anywho, see ya's tomorrow!

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