Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Wednesday 18th January


Yesterday was interesting. It was 'The Audition' in our school (And probably lots of others as well as dance schools) create dance groups with the best dancers they can get. Of course I went along, after getting a no last year. Bless, you see all the little year sevens practically all over the place doing their best, so sweet. Then you've got me and my bestie who have been turned down all the time because we're not the 'favourites'. Favouritism does bug me in teachers you know they're not meant to show it, but when you let one girl in a year group in she has to be a favourite. Does pee me off lots. So we were there, and me and my bestie we are not 'Down on the streets' we're a bit more upper class. We no dapper init. So we do try harder to bust those moves. As I like to say, do your best and if your best isn't good enough your too good. I'll find out on Friday fingers crossed. (If i'm in a bad mood you have permission to rant to a teacher!). Afterwards I went to the theatre (Try saying that in a 'posh' accent, so fun) to see 'Legally Blonde' which was a dream for me. I'm into cheese like Glee, High school musical etc, well not at fourteen but I do act like a blonde snob alot, as you could probably tell. The show was quite good but it wouldn't be one i'd see again (If you see what I mean, I could sit through Wicked all my life and still love it!). 'OhMiGosh' that false accent is soo barbie. They're was this really short dancer and she was so over-exaggerated with her accent, a little pocket rocket she didn't look right in a way? I'll be on that stage soon though. There was this one scene which was hilarious, you had the hairdresser and Elle singing about love in the hairdressers. Then you had a typical gay, hairstylist walking through flicking his hair in his little pink uggs. He even bent down and did it gayly, he literally stole that scene. So fudging funny. See ya's for tomorrow!

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