Thursday, 19 January 2012

Thursday 19th January


Today was interesting. Well not really that interesting it's Thursday; the day of the week everyone just collapses. School wasn't bad although I got 5 marks on a 6 mark question, I kicked myself for not mentioning the word photosynthesis! Oh well only a mock. GCSE Dance oh gawd. Firstly I could not find a black vest that fit me properly so I picked up a tank top white was a size small, so I stretched it all night and it still needed pulling down. I mean out of all the white vests I have, they wanted us to wear black ones. Every girl has a white vest top to wear if it's chilly but no! Picky. Dance in P.E always bugs me, it never feels right does it? They always make you choreograph lots because they watch a silly video, it's boring yeah boring. In actual dance by the theatre arts department, it's fun, exciting, you get a buzz but in P.E it's lame. Also, if you're not flexible (like me) doing the warm up in P.E is horrendous, you've never felt so stretched before! I had my meeting for the school newspaper this evening and no it's not for geeks (I'm there wink wink) it's rather fun actually free cookies and it goes towards your GCSE's. Got home and She got the iPhone 4s. An elongated, slim thing. Prefer the iPhone 3 still; it's chunky, doesn't look stretched, and it's got a nice curve. Still jel of SHE, she says 'I need to invest in one of those apple computers for the house' and she buys one for herself? (Still it's a phone). Well jel. Enjoy national popcorn day! I'm off to try and not to break the machine or flood the house. See ya's!

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