Saturday, 21 January 2012

Saturday 21st January


Today was interesting. Hooray it's Saturday! But if you've got a throat blocked it's quite hard to enjoy the joy of Saturday (Also a downer when fashion magazines are sold out, on a Saturday!) So today I had to endure one of those old 70s/80s/90s sitcoms. Which She rather enjoys, I on the other hand am sitting there more interested in my breakfast. She keeps cooing over the stars and then she picks out famous people, 'Is that who I think... look it's Piers Brosnan wait is it him?' She does that to every person on shows who say one line. You're just sat there chewing your toast nodding, if that's even possible. How infuriating is it teaching your mum how to use a brand new iPhone? So jealous of it, it just sits there with someone who hasn't a clue how to use it. You practically scream inside, 'I WANT THAT PHONE!' and She does the whole, 'Ooh look at that!' whenever she presses a button in it! We walked into a random furniture store today, and I swear furniture stores are going to close soon. Aswell as Peacocks which everyone's started a petiton about, but there's never anyone in them shops? Not really a shock. But whenever you're in a furniture store there's always that employee watching you. 'You alright there, if you need any help give me a shout' probably the next thing after a stalker. Right now remember the modelling contest I entered? Well i'm being judged. Dun dun duun, fingers crossed! See ya's for tomorrow!

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